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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 14, 2014 2:30am-3:56am EDT

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. good morning, i'm devin dwyer. >> i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." no end in sight for the deadly fighting in the middle east as air strikes intensify between israel and hamas. thousands of palestinians are fleeing their homes in gaza heeding warnings about an impending attack. details from martha raddatz in just a moment. human rights activist malala yousafzai is in nigeria trying to refocus attention on the plight of those kidnapped schoolgirls missing since april and is expected to meet with the country's president today. we'll hear from her later on "gma." dozens of passengers stranded on the monorail in
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disney world after a storm knocked out power. some of the riders were able to escape on their own but others needed rescued. a big public welcome home is being pland now that germany has won the world cup. they defeated argentina 1-0 yesterday becoming the first european team to win a world title in the americas. those are some of our top stories on this monday, july 14th. good morning to you and we are going to begin this half hour with the latest outbreak of violence in the mideast. both sides still taking aim this morning and refusing to back down >> that's right. palestinians in the west bank marched in a show of support for gaza outraged that nearly 170 palestinians have been killed since tuesday. and 17,000 palestinians have left their homes in gaza for special shelters set up by the u.n. and israel conducted a brief raid overnight. more from abc's martha raddatz.
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>> reporter: they entered gaza from the mediterranean sea in small boats, several dozen navy commandos, israel's equivalent of the navy s.e.a.l.s in a secret nighttime raid to destroy several hamas long-range rocket launchers but hamas militants spotted the small team. four israelis were slightly wounded before they headed back to the boats. that's when an attack helicopter targeted the militants. >> there was a huge engagement and took out the capabilities and terrorists. >> reporter: but israel is a long way from destroying the hamas stockpile. depleting only 20% of the estimated 10,000 hamas rockets. hamas fired close to 100, several deep into israel. this one hitting in the town of ashkalon and seriously wounding a 16-year-old israeli teenager but so far no israelis have been killed. thanks to the multimillion dollar iron dome. the defense system substantially funded by the u.s. has a
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sophisticated radar able to detect rocket launches. if the hamas rockets are heading for mapopulation area, the interceptor missile from the dome locks on to the rocket and destroys it. but if that system should fail and there are extensive israeli casualties, there would almost ceainly be a larger israeli ground attack. then you'd have to go on the ground. >> there would not be any other choice but even without that we still might have to go in out of our own need to take away these capabilities. >> reporter: in the coming days, more small scale israeli raids are expected, but it is still unclear if there will be any larger attacks. martha raddatz, abc news, jerusalem. >> very tense situation over there. you spent some time over in the region. five years. give us -- what are your impressions? >> i think a lot of people don't talk about that but there are islamic jihad that go rogue and
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some israeli intelligence saying that it wasn't just hamas firing these rockets, that islamic jihad is involved and they tend to step in when there's a void of leaders and hamas going underground. what i found interesting, the minister of strategic affairs said we're not satisfied with the filling. we need a root canal here and i think theyto make this even bigger. i don't think we've seen the end of it. it doesn't look like a truce will be negotiated right away. >> such a complicated situation. >> yep, and be sure to stay with abc news as well as all of the breaking details. we'll have them all from the middle east. our next updates will be on "america this morning" and "good morning america." to another part of the world where there ar renewed te ukraine. a's ministry says a ukrainian shell killed one person and seriously injuring two others.
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ukraine denies it fired the shell. incident a provocation and there could be irreversible consequences. off the italy, the costa concordia is set to be hauled away for salvage two years after it capsized looking at live pictures. the ship is to be towed to again what where it will be dismantled. the operation is complex and involves pumping air into the ship forcing the seawater out one deck at a time. 32 people died when the vessel . dead.ple died when the vessel . pin indiana. sto traveling o the -w the inte slammed into a greyhound bus glammed into a greyhound bus the scene, 19 people on the bus weured including the hospital.1 o st.louis, bound for dayton, ohio and the eyork. the ma accused of wiping out a texas family will not be in court today as planned. ron haskell's arraignment was postponed while his lawyer
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considers an insancti defense. the sole survivor spoke at a memorial for her parents and four siblings. abc's mara schiavocampo have that part of the story? we love you. >> reporter: at her family's we love you. >> reporter: at her family's memorial service just hours hospi 15-year-old cassidy acc by the very grandparents she's credited with saving flashe a brave smile, her healing just beginning. >> i'm really thankful for all of the people that have been yg >> reporter: less than one week the teen survived the unthinkable. > that my mom, dad, brian, emily, becca and zach are in a much better place and that i'll be able to see them again one day. >> reporter: 33-year-olds ron haskell faces capital murder charges accused of fatally shooting her parents and four siblings because they wouldn't tell him where to find his ex-wife, cassidy's aunt.
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he has not entered a plea. >> i've not seen a tragedy in one family this horrific. >> reporter: friday haskell collapsed several times during a hearing and had to be wheeled out of court. officials say cassid only sur by playing dead and is ail a hero for quickly is alerting police. haskell was allegedly headed for her maternity grandparents' home. >> we continue to be in awe how she to save us. >> reporter: at saturd of the stay family and one strong young girl. >> i really like harry potter. dumble dorff says happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to tur on the light. >> cassidy stay illuminating the crowd with a powerful message on behalf of her family. stay strong. holding up the sign language gesture for love. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> back-to-back lightning strikes blamed for two deaths at
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the same colorado park. one man killed and three others injured when they were hit by lightning saturd at rocky mouaipark. at follow fatal lightning hed.llow fas ck a killed seven other people were hurt. meanwhile, fire crews are central washington are facing challenges as they battle fires in the area. thundern t and mucin there but they could temperatures were 100 and above over the weekend. and in parts of the upper m hleg floodwaters anywhere. some minnesota commu members h an residents are using boas t to their cars on ground ground and had more rain over the weekend and that didn't help obviously. experts say parts of that area may not actually be dry until september. wow, that's hard to b midwest wilson feel like april. powerful cold front moves across the united states today.
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>> le' get lates from aeath and meteorologi jim dickey. unseasonabll coverage marking the core moving into the dakotas and upper midwest. really fueling the weather across the eastern half of the country. air, as well. could see small hail developing but as that cool air meets the warm humid air out by the eastern seaboard another round is expected from the new york city area south and west through d.c. back towards nashville and the mississippi river, gusty wind, large hail, even a few isolated tornadoes are not out of the question. different story out of the wet. temperatures soaring and heat wave continue, widespread 90s and triple digits. reena and devin, back to you. they had great weather down under for a unique event. >> 30th am lower keys underwater music festival. some with fake instruments were
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involved. they dive down, listen to the music that's pumped into the water from speakers suspended under boats. >> organizers say the fish love the music as much as the participants do. favorites include some songs from, ocourse little mermaid and since it's the keys plenty of jimmy buffett songs played too. >> "cheeseburger in paradise." >> happened in saturday off the reef. six miles from big pine and some of the divers were from as far away as germany. >> having a good time after that world cup win and check out that guitar there looking like a fish. >> oh, that's interesting. well, coming up, cleveland is the hometown basketball hero lebron's big decision and the fans who can't get enough. following her dream one year after the landmark verdict in the george zimmerman case. the key witness who faced ridicule now faces a brighter future. a scary sails into
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don't just vacuum clean . resolve clean. exactly one year since that controversial not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. >> but a guilty verdict was leffed in the court of public opinion against one of the key witnesses, a close friend of trayvon martin. >> she's turned her life around thanks to hard work and good samaritans. here's matt gutman. >> are you able to read that at all. >> reporter: the moment that made her a household name.
2:45 am
>> can you read any of the words on it? >> reporter: the moment the 19-year-old was outed as illiterate on national tv. >> i don't understand. >> there's there point where he basically asks you to read the letter and what do you say? >> i'm not able to read it. >> reporter: why was that. >> i didn't learn how to read cursi cursive. >> reporter: bringing her rough dialect to an all white jury argumentative and defiant. >> you listening? no. >> reporter: and all but embodying the racial riff the trial seemed to dig in the country. >> she comes across as brutally ignorant. >> reporter: including this picture posted on instagram by defense attorney don west's own daughter. it reads we beat stupidity celebration cones. >> reporter: you could argue that part of her diet on the stand on the murder trial accused of shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. you could also argue that she
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was reborn. what did that feel like? >> you didn't know me to doubt me. >> didn't know you to judge you. >> yes. >> reporter: it was during a break in testimony that rod very reason, a miami attorney decided to act. >> i didn't like what took place in social media, the attacks that she received. nationwide. and i couldn't turn my back to that. i couldn't turn a blind eye to the problems that i knew she had. >> reporter: he coached her that night and hasn't stopped. helping to set up a support group that he would call the village. je she was born premature. english wasn't her first language at home and reading never came easy. in some articles i read at the time of the trial you had a fourth grade reading level. >> yeah. i went to go find help. >> reporter: but no one helped until his army of tutors descended for up to seven hours
2:47 am
a day and they were tough. >> very, very, very tough. that's what i needed. to be honest. that's what i needed. >> reporter: she was sent to a new school and last month, yep, that's her in those heels and that smile. >> oh, my gosh. like that morning i kissed my bed. i was like thank you, jesus. like i really woke up like for the first time since i started going to this school. >> reporter: the so-called ill literal girl walking in her own high school graduation. where do you see yourself five years from now. >> following my dream. >> following your dreams. >> and graduating college. >> reporter: but all of them agree it'll take a village. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> great story. she took so much criticism and some of it unrelated to the case itself very personal but she's turned her life around as we saw there and one thing though that hasn't changed we understand
2:48 am
from matt's reporting is that her opinion of george zimmerman hasn't changed. >> she still calls him -- he's thought a man. he needs to own up to it. a lot of time when these trials go national you find people that get demonized and the trial is over and cast aside. the fact that this attorneytoed to do something to help her out. she could still be at that fourth grade reading level but she stuck with it. far from a kitchen emergency for the cake boss. >> tlc's buddy valastro got himself into a bit of a pickle in new york city harbor and took police and firefighters to c
2:49 am
♪ i need you ♪ i need you and your love too come on and rescue me come on baby and rescue me ♪ well, it was the nypd and the fdpny coming to the rescue
2:50 am
of the cake boss. >> he got himself lost in a thick of fog in a notoriously dangerous part of new york city's harbor. here's sara haines with the story. >> best cake wins all. >> reporter: cake boss buddy valastro is happy to be safe. it ended with a heroic and speedy rescue from the fdny and nypd. >> to the guys that came to our rescue, i owe you a cake. >> reporter: blinding fog suddenly rolled in. >> i don't see the city but i figured it was just because it was dark. it wasn't because there was fog there. >> well, i didn't see the bridge so i thought definitely something was going on. >> reporter: and the family's boston whaler barely escaped crashing into a bigger boat. >> there was a big vessel coming right at us and i saw him, but i don't think he saw us. >> no.
2:51 am
>> he was honking his horn. we were hopging our horns then we just really went right and then after that we said, you know, what, it's time to call for my help. well, my wife insisted. >> i said now it's time we call the cops. >> reporter: rescue units scoured the river using infrared cameras to find him and his party through the dense fog. no one was injured and the boat was safely towed in but experts say the situation was definitely no piece of cake. >> when the nypd came, they said, this is a really bad night. >> reporter: on tv he may be the cake boss, but on instagram, valastro revealed who the real boss is, hashtagging this picture, my wife wants to kill me. sara haines, abc news, new york. >> oh, boy, what a rescue and he actually said next time in a tweet that he's going to check the forecast. >> he should or, you know, maybe spend more time in the kitchen baking the cake. i don't know if a cake and a
2:52 am
captain. not quite the same thing. >> no, no, not at all. yeah, well, his wife chided him for saying this was a half-baked idea. ba-dum-dum. up next, the new lebronomy for the city of cleveland. >> what it could mean for the city. you're watching "world news now." learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she could have been notified in time to help stop it. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you, protecting you before the damage can be done. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available, guarding your social security number, your money,
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♪ ♪ [ playing "hooray for hollywood" ] oh, there's still celebrating in cleveland over the news that lebron james is coming home. >> that's right. the nba great has really upped the antampae in a big way. it's up to $600 for a ticket from $40. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: redemption for lebron james. cleveland fans welcoming him home with open arms the player they once vilified. king james sending the city into a frenzy. [ cheers ] >> reporter: after announcing his return to the kafsz in an emotional online letter about
2:56 am
how much his home means to him. and making fans forgive the way he crushed them four years ago when he announced his move to miami on live television. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach. >> we love you. we forgive you and let's get some money into this town. >> reporter: and the money began flowing immediately. call it the new lebronomy. within eight hours the cavaliers selling out of season tickets. >> we go from selling something that's unsellable, i mean i can't get my hands on enough tickets to sell. >> reporter: once dubbed the mistake by the lake, the city of cleveland lost $50 million a season while lebron was gone. local businesses here are now hoping for a reversal of fortune. >> downtown cleveland really thrives on our sports teams. it means that it's going to financially impact everything down here. >> reporter: and a newfound pride that comes from being home to the greatest basketball
2:57 am
player on earth. this working class city has the one thing that glamorous miami doesn't and with the return of the king, they couldn't be happier. >> wow. isn't it incredible how one basketball player can transform -- >> economic force. it's just unbelievable. we just see here that he makes between 50 million and $80 million in off-court endorsements alone. that's not even counting the salary. it's unbelievable. his own mini economy. >> yeah, his own salary for two years is like $40 million. what do you do with that kind of money? what would you buy? oh. that's -- look at that lovely dress i have on. good couple. it was a bad hair day. >> nice purse. >> you buy lots of purses with that kind of money and expensive couture dress. >> and find yourself at the games a lot. are you a big basketball fan. >> huge, dev, huge.
2:58 am
>> you and lebron will get a
2:59 am
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this m this morning on "world news now,deast crisis. the rocket launcmilitary might and americans fleeing the dead vlence. the bomb is coming. and u wouldn't know they were bombing or why they were bombing. asalnians and israelis take cover, the search for peaceful solution. closing one of the ig aboutest names in the gaming business makes a dramatic decision. >> casinos are closingecause there's much more competition. >> americans and the changing gambling habits. are all be off soccercharges. 1 billion fans watching as germany wins the world cup. e first to win on ur how this hit home for so many.
3:01 am
itday, july 14th. >> good monday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm devin der >> good to have you back. >> happy bastille day. >> not a happy couple of dayin the middle east. >> busy news time we're watching. >> hearing that israeli radio reporting an armed dro made it near to the city of ashtar. we'll begin th the escalating violence there. the mideast on the brink oing i >> thousands of palestinians pleaing eir homes in gaza as israel and hamas continue change rket fire. both sesre ignoring incalls for a cease-fire. israel kunged a brieground operation overnight aid at taki rocket launchers er thousands of israeli troops amassed along the
3:02 am
border a major ound offensive may be inevitable. palestinians in ramallah marched in a show of support for gaza where 170 people have been killed mostly civilians. abc's alex marquardt has more on the exodus. >> reporter: escape aza. this convoheing to the rael to flee their relentless bombardm >> wa. >> rorter: wmet the haka family, a summer vation in a wa bs are coming randomly and you wouldn't know where they were bombing or why eyere bombing. >> reporter: ty walked down the longunnel to the border with israel, the first stop on their journey home. once out of gaza theirelief is bitterswt. sad behd because myamily you kn >> reporter: her family and so many here not as lucky. visited a school, clarooms now shelters for the dplaced.
3:03 am
who fled here after israel dropped leaf leis ying they were going to bomb their neighborhoods. "i hopto god we cabrk israel and win" this woman told me "in the name of god we will no one is winning. the funerals for 1members of one family after the home of gaza's police chief was hit by israel. he was wounded joining more than a thousand others, the death toll now more than 170. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he regrets any tacks on civilians but accused hamas of hiding behind t said they would step up their operations against ham alex marquardt in gaza city. malala yousafzai is in nigeria where she mewith the relatives of the girls kidnapped. dozens of girls escaped but are still being held. malala who turned on saturday said her birday wish is to bring back our now a
3:04 am
alive. she had this message for the relatives. >> you are very brave parents who haveaken this step to speak of their daughters and education. >> reporter: malala is joining activists fighting for the girls' freedom. 276 schoolgirls were abducted back in april. dozens managed to escape. be sure to stay with us for abc news' exclusive interview with malala in nigeria. amy robach is there and will bring us the latest on "good morning america." a major engineering feat. the wreckageosta concordia" that capsized more than two years ago is set to be towed away. 32 people died in the accident including a couple from minnesota. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: the "costa concordia" is about to begin her final journey. engineering launching a large-scale and complicated operation that will involve pumping air into the luxury
3:05 am
liner forcing seawater out and raising her one deck at a time. if she is stable, the herculean tack of towing her begins and officials say it will take at least four days to reach their destination. this coming 2 1/2 years after slamming into rock rippingpen a 230-foot gash across the hull. indelible images of 4200 passengersrying to escape. 32 never made it out. and underwater video revealing the wreck left behind. a staircase, a reception area frozen in time. once again, the stakes are high. we saw for ourselves the epic effort to upright the ship. with some fuels and chemicals still on board, if the vessel breaks apart, that could cause an environmental disaster, polluting these famously pristine waters. lama hasan, abc news, london. so fascinating. we have live pictures of "the concordia." the captain is still on trial for manslaughter charges for causing the shipwreck and then,
3:06 am
remember, he abandoned it and left everyone else trying to evacuate. >> that's right and they're still looking for one missing passenger. one missing crew member rather, an indian waiter of the 32 victims in that accident, reena, one person still missing. this he say once they move the ship they'll look for that extra body. >> very interesting. moving on to a deadly bus accident in india. a stolen car driving on the wrong side of the highway slammed into a greyhound bus. the driver was declared dead at the scene. 19 people on the bus were injured including the driver who was air-lifted to the hospital. the bus was traveling from st. louis to day ohio, and then on to new yk. accident victim acy morgan is now recovering at he and filed a lawsuiainst walmart. the comedian was released from the rehabilitation center where he's been healing from the accident that seriously injured
3:07 am
him and killed one of his friends. morgan is now suing walmart because of one of its drivers allegedly fell asleep at the wheel triggering that deadly pileup. a man in connecticut is in custody facing a string of assault charges following a wild shootout that was caught on camera. camera. is that happened early yesterday morning outside a nightclub in stamford, connecticut. the man seen firing in the video was arrested soon after. five wounded in the shooting. but none suffered life-threatening wounds. the victim's mother says it took place after he was jumped in the club. two deadly lightning strikes over the weekend at the same colorado park. a day after a bolt of lightning killed a woman while hiking with her husband and another struck at rocky mountain national park. witnesses say all of them saw a white flash. three others were also injured.
3:08 am
the paimct knocking man er bystanders tried to help until emergency crew arrived. >> went over to the man that was down and started doing cpr on him until help came. >> to have two people killed by lightning on two sequential days is extremely uncommon. >> seven injured by the first lightning strike and two of them ar the hospital. powerful wind across cen ohio yesterday afternoon eate violent scene at one local campground. several were injured. this rv when it rolled over several times. an intersta to be closed for a time due to downed power lines and trees. the power was cut to the monorail in disney world leaving dozens stuck. there were thunderstorms when the elevated train stopped sunday afternoon. she says a mechanized lift helped get some passengers down and others were able to get out on their own. cooling centers have been opened in seattle because of a
3:09 am
heat wave. tempe xedo in weere dropping o tempe xedo in o > and it all pa of a lex pattern w and a cold snap. yes, a cold snap in the midwest. >> along vere storms in dickey is tracking it all. good morning. >> good morning, reena and se nortern er t lakes mants a good 20 degree below average. especially across the u.p. of michigan. some won't escape the 50s feeling more like april or even late september and early october. now, on the fr of this we wll see heavy thunderstorm activity. severe thuntorm as that warm humid air out along the and seaboard and spark severe storms west of d.c. all the way back towards nashville and mississippi river bringing gusty wind, large hail and torrential
3:10 am
rain. ithe northwest major heat ave ct widespread 9s and triple digits expected. >> likely to be another scorcher in vegas. that's where our next story takes us. vegas is home to what's caled wedding wagon. there it basical a a wedl. the owner says he's bringing the wedding wagon to outdoor venues across the city. month get hitch b of happily ever after. there they go. >> look at those purple curtains there on that. kind of like -- >> what i want to know, they've got the wedding vows on the truck. they've got food but like what abboo that's's an important part of every wedding. >> where's the party. we also understand it will be franchised and movin to phoenix wod yo do that? don't think so. >> d't you want family wod yo do that? don't think so. >> d't you want family arcf1 man.
3:11 am
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♪ luck be a lady tonight oh, lady luck hasn't been very kind lately to one of america's most popular gambling destinations, atlantic city. >> that's right. as soon as the las vegas of the east coast but it seems to be losing its luster with yet another big named casino running into hard times and abc's ryan smith has the latest. >> reporter: the trump plaza hotel and casino, a mainstay among atlantic city casinos may be forced to fold in september. according to reports, the casino is the poorest perfoer on the boardwalk ranking dead last in winnings in 2013. it would be the third of 12 atlantic city casinos to shut down this year. it's a tough pill to swallow for employees. >> it's going to be even worse because nobody is going to be hiring. >> reporter: atlantic city, once the mecca of glitz and glamour
3:16 am
immortalized in "american hustle" and shows like "boardwalk empire" now falling on hard times pulling in half of what it did seven years ago and sin city is feeling the pinch too with reportedly 1.3 billion in net losses last year. online gambling and local casinos changing the name. >> casinos are closing because there's much more competition from surround states like pennsylvania, new york and maryland. >> reporter: leaving atlantic city desperately hoping for a lucky break. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> it's fascinating. are you into -- do you like -- >> i'm not a big gambling. >> vegas, atlantic city -- >> i've been there but feel for all the workers. some 9,000 employees and jobs at risk in atlantic city there and there you are, though. >> i'm one of those employees. >> i don't know what you're doing. >> look at that hair. >> poker, blackjack. what do you want, dev. >> you could be a good virtual
3:17 am
dealer. >> sign me up for a new job. >> if this doesn't work out. >> that sounds great. no, you're right. eight casinos and possibly by september there might be only eight casinos in the atlantic area. >> tough stuff. coming up, a thrill again to soccer's grand finale, one goal wins germany its first world cup since 1990. it was a tiny score, just 1-0 over argentina so why are fans this morning calling this a big win for soccer? ahead in our next half hour a big win for a trio of eighth grade boy, call them the anti-boy band. what they've managed to accomplish that most musicians can only dream of. you're watching "wor
3:18 am
♪ ♪
3:19 am
i'll miss that music. the month-long world cup soccer tournament came down to one precious goal yesterday. germany, of course, beat argentina, 1-0. >> it was germany's first world cup win in 24 years and while it wasn't team usa taking home the trophy like we all were hoping for american fans are calling it a big score for soccer. abc's bob(
3:20 am
do. i couldn't be prouder of this team. >> reporter: who could forget the shock and draw match when portugal scored in the very last seconds to tie it. >> it is an equal lyzer. >> reporter: team usa set the tone early on in this tournament. clint dempsey scoring the fastest goalpzf the world cup against ghana. just 32 seconds in. >> incredibly within >> reporter: sending a message that team usa was here to play and so were the fans. america had the largest contingent of fans traveling to brazil from anywhere in the world. they bought more tickets to the matches than any otheration
3:21 am
except the host country and the record-setting ratings at home made the team's strong showing here that much sweeter. now, this is the third world cup final in a row that has gone into overtime. as for the argentinean fans you can imagine they are not singing the same way they did before the game. bob woodruff, abc news, rio. >> oh, such heartbreak for the argentinean fans. >> it was but fans all around the world there, germany, were having fun of this, battle of the popes. francis, of course, from argentina, pope francis, benedict from germany. there were some fun picture there is. >> flying around facebook and twitter those hysterical internet memes. we picked out three of our favorites. the captain says it all "what do you mean you got rid of cable?" >> another, that famous statue of jesus puzzled by a conundrum over whose prayers to answer. fun with photoshop. the two popes facing off on the
3:22 am
field. i would love to see that. >> look at those popes. >> so incredible. you he know, lionel messi, actually -- >> one of the best players in the world. >> unfortunately, he didn't get the big win he was hoping with to make it with maradona and pele in the books. >> but he had a great season. that's not wear on your carpet,
3:23 am
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neutralizing pet odors. don't just vacuum clean . resolve clean. ♪ okay, so time now for "the mix." can you believe in 1939 fashion designers tried to project what we'd be wearing today. take a look at the outfits. back in 1939, 61 years before the millennial this is what they thought women would look like. >> they nailed it. look at that. >> look at the sleeve, right? don't you think, dev. with the sleeve, part of the new allure would be changing the length of the sleeve and then this sheer mesh ultra sheer see-through which is actually true much there's lots of hollywood -- >> that's what you wear around here after-hour. >> thanks for sharing that with our viewers. >> or lululemon pants when you
3:26 am
need them. fish tale for the record books. he went on an alaskan vacation, 482-pound pal but in the boat. >> incredible. >> problem is, he had to use a harpoon to get it into the boat which disqualifies it from being a record breaker under the state rules, i guess. but they're going to have a lot of fillets to eat, 225 pounds of halibut. >> looks like the boat could tip >> i don't know if i could be in a boat that big. its tail could whack you. pretty incredible. what about a man who has a car and goes around just giving people compliments. what they really want to hear. take a listen. >> looking good in the suit, sir. looking good. >> you guys are a cute couple. that is so cute. have a good day, sir. >> i wish i could play sports too. >> that's blake grizby telling people what they want to hear. with a megaphone he yells those compliments out.
3:27 am
>> it could be mistaken for pickup lines. some of them people had their eyes -- gave him a look. finally a big prop here for a virginia dad who literally traveled to the other side of the earth for his daughter who wanted to be a princess. that's him there. jeremiah heaton traveled to egypt, area between egypt and sudan to plant a flag to claim a kingdom. >> what. >> one of the only parts of the earth apparently that is not claimed by another country. >> really. >> i find that hard to believe. there you see it between the claimed it and planted the flag and says his daughter is now officially a princess. it was a piece of unclaimed land. >> the length that daddies will go to for their daughters. pretty incredible? >> that's right. but it's a long way to go -- would you want to live there and be a princess there in the desert. >> you trach it they're not
3:28 am
leaving to virginia
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," extreme weather, the deadly lightning in the west to the floods in the midwest and temperatures so chilly, it'll feel like april. we get the latest from accuweather. >> on the brink. the fear spreading across the mideast as rockets are fired and intercepted. who is evacuating and who is commanding peace. the developments overnight. risky rescue in the french alps. the american climbers including a 9-year-old facing great danger. big questions for thrill-seeking parents. and star-studded from the
3:31 am
hollywood a-listers to shakira's stunning performance. american celebrities shine at the world cup finale. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, july 14th. good monday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm devin dwyer. >> welcome back. >> thank you. it's great to be here. i've been spending some time at the white house. my normal beat but nice for a change of sceñery. >> did you watch the world cup? >> i didn't catch it. was catching some zs before the shift, but it was quite the game. i did see the highlights and our hats off to germany. >> yeah, no, we've got lots of highlights coming up in this half hour, but we're going to kick it off with weather. >> we'll begin with severe weather hitting the center of the country right now and moving east. >> in fact, strong winds hit a campground in ohio overtur an rv andinjuo cf& undw
3:32 am
r l tr lights. is in effect across most of ohio, pennsylvania, kentucky and west virginia. in colorado, there's extra concern today after two deadly lightning strikes. here's abc'sbran >> reporter: witnesses say the s of nowhere hitting a 52-ye atiark.ere hitting a 52-ye >> the t-shirt and stuff was burnt, but we weren't just focused on it. they were just trying to help him. >> reporter: he's the second person killed by lightning in two days. with doctors treating a dozen others who have also been injured. >> likhe head, and i lost my vision and >> here comes the hail i thi. >> reporter: there was another close call near denver where this man in his garage knocked out by a bolt of lightning. the extreme weather is also causing flash flooding from illinois to south carolina where
3:33 am
people are paddle boarding through the streets of charleston while on the west coast, several fires are prompting new fire warnings throughout the region. and another concern for fire crews here out wes extreme dry heat, especially in washington state where temperatures are in the 90s, nearly 20 degrees above normal. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. from seattle's big heat wave to april-like temperatures in the midwest and powerful storms in the >> our coverage continues with extreme weather on this extreme weather pattern at accuweather with jim dickey. good morning. >> good morning, reena and devin. oo 20cf1 egre avef mass runs to warm humid air, another round of strong to severe thunderstorms is expected from southern ne e mver ted from southern ne gusty winds, large hail, even the threat for isolate
3:34 am
tornadoes. into the northr a & co reena and devin, back to you. >> thanks, jim. now to our other major story, the intense fighting in the middle east owio and alesevac their homes in gaza by the thousands turning, in fact, to the u.n. shelters for safety. we have more with abc's aaron ka. >> report coms edimallrt coms boa their target, hamas rockets and launchers used to attack israeli cities. israeli warplanes spent a sixth they've now hit more than 1300 and vow to stop only when hamas militants stop firing their rocke the israelis blame civilian casualties on gaza's hamas rulers whom they accuse of using their people as human shields. residents are alerted with what the israelis call a knock on the roof to get them to evacuate. moments later, a missile demolishes the building.
3:35 am
despite such warnings, more than 160 palestinians have been killed, most of them said to be civilians. 18 members of one family, ages 13 to 28, were buried sunday, victims of a single israeli air strike. by contrast no israelis have been killed. a testament to the iron dome anti-missile defense system. >> i'm very hard-pressed to find an example in the history of warfare where a single weapon system, a defensive weapon system has so neutralized an enemy's opponent. >> reporter: palestinians with foreign passports including 144 americans fled the violence. the akasha family is from louisiana. you want to get home. you want to get out of the war zone. >> yeah. >> reporter: palestinians with nowhere to go can expect cease-fire, but it appears neither side is ready for one aterc ws j >> and our coverage of the mideast crisis doesn't end here.
3:36 am
look for more updates from across the region later this morning on "america this morning" and "good morning puerica." those kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls led yesterday by malala yousafzai. it's languished since april. earlier she met with relatives of the kidnapped schoolgirls and some captives who managed to escape. malala was shot by the taliban for advocating education for girls. and one of the young women held captive in a cleveland house for a decade taking another step towar michelle knight says she's changed her name to lily rose lee as a way to leave her old liore lee says she's not celebrity and that she gets annoyed when people want to snap well, a man accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family be a texas courtroom today as planned because his lawyers say he needs more time. planned because his lawyers say he needs more time. been postponed on friday.
3:37 am
wheelchair. meanwhile, the sole survivor of the attack, 15-year-old cassidy stay, spoke at a memorial for her parents and fou brian, emily, becca and zach are in a much better place and that i'll be able to see them again one day. >> police say haskell killed the family because they wouldn't tell him where to find his ex-wife. cassidy played dead then called 911. haskell surrendered after a a special delivery is heading to the international space station on track to aive an unmanned commercial cargo ship lifted off from the coast of virginia yesterday carrying 3,000 pounds of also science samples and experimental gym clothes, odor resistant outfits to keep the astronauts smelling fresh during their two-hour daily workouts. welling topping our health headlines, can you actually be allergic to your ipad?
3:38 am
well, medical sums are reporting a number of cases from the nickel found in tablets, laptops and cell phones. a san diego boy had to be t ditodiego boy had to be nickel is actually one of the most common allergy-inducing metals. doctors say use a protective case on electronic devices. a new study finds eating comfort foods after experiencing a stressful situation can actually pack on about 11 pounds a year. researchers at ohio state found that women eating a high fat meal the day after an argument with a loved one or stressed at work made that person metabolize food slowly, and that's not good when it comes to your waistline. >> sometimes you just have to stress eat. you do. you just have to gog >> what's your favorite thing? i can go town on some graham crackers, cookies. basically cookies. i'm a cookie monster. >> sweet tooth.
3:39 am
when you're traveling with he white hoe, yuys fo when you're traveling with he white hoe, yuys fo how about you? like subway but that's kind of healthier, right? >> look at you. healthy fast food. >> is there such a thing? >> there can be without cheese and mayonnaise. proving you can't have enough chocolate, the swiss company is about to gobble up one of the biggest chocolate makers. lidnt is reported to pay about a billion dollars for russell stover. those boxes inspired that famous line from "forrest gump" that life is a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. here's a warning from the farmers in iowa. don't be surprised not seeing too much sweet corn on the cob in the grocery store these days. they say a series of strong storms that roared through the region have had a devastating s floods in fields are good for growing but they say this summer
3:40 am
it is not very good for corn. >> that's ri that's what they call the trasht this was the fifth edition of that event which is likely self-explanatory even on this monday mo what they cu us their boatsthin they found in the trash or even in a recycling bin. i guess that kind of gives new meg man treasure being another -- one being another man's treasure. >> exactly and putting -- it's caonere.way of recycling. and, you know, the paddle wheel model is a paddle wheel model seen pretty popular that's pretty good considering that all those parts were all made of trash. >> pretty good st th.od f coming up in "the skinny," at age 77, bill cosby is looking for laughs. >> excited for that, and let's get together from our rock 'n' roll band. hey, this is a look at eighth graders and what they did
3:41 am
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♪ i'm coming to your rescue coming to your rescue coming to your rescue ♪ ♪ i'm coming to your rescue well, a high-stakes rescue played out in the french alps. an american family trying to conquer one of the most dangerous mountain peaks. >> a father and his two children narrowly escaping disaster. they were caught in the middle of an avalanche. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: when this avalanche
3:45 am
suddenly bears down on patrick sweeney -- >> i feet like an antelope being ripped down by a lion at the waist. >> reporter: -- it not only traps him but his two kid, 9-year-old p.j. and 11-year-old shannon. s, 9-year-old p.j. and 11-year-old shannon. ss, 9-year-old p.j. and 11-year-old shannon, 9-year-old p.j. and 11-year-old shannon. >> i was pyre enlyt. ever scale thn i french alps in rea the corridor of death raisi theut w adventue parents are sometimes taking tor >> i think oth of letting children experiment with risk and take small risks is that they develop confidence that makes them bold both in their thinking and in their actions. >> reporter: mackenzie wethington
3:46 am
said she made the choice to sky dive on her 16th birthday. plane and seeing th complication with the parachute. >> reporter: in trouble, she plummeted 3,000 feet crashing into an oklahom >> i thire as to what childry e everybody has to be com with that activity, and safety is what we end up with when everybody is making calm, rational decisions. >> slow down. >> reporter: as long as there are young explorers like record-breaking tyler armstreauall record-breaking tyler armstreauall 841-foot mountain. >> reporter: some kids will keep taking some very grown-up risks. ly ps some very grown-up risks. there, they were going for a climber, but the peak setting them back >> oh, man, and p.j. told abc news t
3:47 am
get back unn wait anot
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny okay, so it's "skinny" time and topping our headlines this morning, of course, the world cup. >> yesterday's finale was stunning even before things got under way. take a look. ♪ la la la la la la la i dare you ♪ >> my favorite song, oh, shakira, how we love you rocking the stage, singing, playing the drum and dancing. >> meantime, some high-powered talent in the stands. take a look. david th his three sons, brooklyn, cruise and romeo. >> gorgeous. look at them. i love watching pictures of them and the fashion of their mother too. >> argentine jerseys. >> looking good ther >> tommy ramone, the founding
3:50 am
drummer of the ramones, died of cancer, the last surviving member of that group that breathed life into the punk rock movement of the '70s and '80s. ♪ 24 hours to go i want to be >> the ramones' debut album hit gold just this april, 38 years after their first release and 12 years after their ind in the rock and & ame. tommy r 65 f1 o> ung. and kim kardashian back-pedaling on a comment she made during an interview about expectant moms. >> kardashian, the mother of a 1-year-old, was asked by a reporter from "elle" magazine about pregnancy style tips, that pregnant women should hide at home for a year and wear a huge blanket. athshano c1beic. >> you know, she's had so many fashion misfires, dev. >> you know, she's had so many fashion misfires, dev. are you watching her fashi
3:51 am
so why wait to feel comfortable? trust vagisil. the number one wipe for itch. ♪ you can cut my hair and change my name because we all just want to be rock stars live in hilltop cars driving 15 cars ♪ i always wanted to be a rock star. >> did you? >> what did you want to play? >> i just don't sing. guitar. >> there you go. thanks for figuring it out. >> good for you. i'll be on drums. >> deal. deal. all right. these guys are not even in high school yet but they're already rock stars. >> three boys from brooklyn are hitting the books and big


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